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CholesLo™ has a 19+ proven track record because the formula utilizes scientifically researched ingredients, supported by clinical data.* Every ingredient comes with a Certificate of Analysis and is manufactured in the US, under strict GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) & NSF (third-party certification) regulations.

What makes our products so much more effective than "competitors", is the fact that we use the exact effective dosage of each ingredient, which was used in the original clinical study. For example, if 400 mgs of ingredient "X" was used in the human clinical study, that's the EXACT dose we use in our formula.

Unfortunately many companies will use a much lower dosage or "sprinkle" a little in their product, just so they can say they're using a "clinically proven" ingredient. This is a lie and a waste and thus, why most supplements don't work.

Please use the above drop-down menu to select the ingredient of your choice and the corresponding research materials and links will show in this window. You'll then be able to navigate to the specific article for additional information and research.

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You may also download a PDF file for the clinical studies and references pertaining to the formula and ingredients found in CholesLo™.
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